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The professionalism offered by MarsigliLab in the design of gardens, includes not only projects of gardens, terrace, vertical green and historic gardens. 


gardens and terraces

the design of gardens and terraces, it can design the environment with natural elements. for the design of gardens and terraces it must be referred to a specialist in...


marsiglilab offers a huge selection of furniture and furnishings for the garden and terraces. Discover now our showroom to find your favorite items of furniture for the graden...


landscape design is measured by the complexity of the environment that surrounds us and aims to combine the aesthetic with the ecological and environmental sustainability in a strong...


marsiglilab addresses the architectural design in two specific categories: interior and equipment / exhibition stands. the matrix landscaping and meticulous attention to construction details...


the search for shapes and colors to create new atmospheres dressing space. creativity intertwined experimentation to create innovative and functional configurations and prospects...


Aivi farm is specialized in the maintenance of the green and in the creation of gardens and terraces. The team, composed of engineers and gardeners, can have a ...

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