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the garden is the result of profound dialogue between human activity and the manifestation of nature. harmony is the synthesis of these two aspects in space: the natural environment modeled, "cultivated", makes the garden a hybrid of the landscape from horizon dall'attimo in which it is created, finding in its forms and volumes, in its full empty and the definition of the concept of transformation of human nature.


garden project - San Luca Bologna

The site host an ancient villa, completely renovated, set in a vast green area of 3300 square meters. Through the project we wanted to recreate the delicate balance between nature and constructions. All the vegetation, rigorously edited, is characterized ...

Garden Project - Riccione promenade

The garden is structured along rigid lines that create formal parterres of lawn interspersed with gravel geometric cuts. The relationship between house and garden, ensured by the large glass windows of the ground floor, is more emblematic in the pool ...

Garden Project - via dei colli Bologna

Garden with pure and formal lines designed in continuity with the indoors and defined by large and permeable windows to the outside.

Garden Project - via degli scalini Bologna

Located on the first hills adjacent to the city, this garden is characterized by the strong bond between the hilly environment in which it is located and the need to create a usable space and high aesthetic value to accompany the villa. The park consists ...

Garden Project - via di Sabbiuno Bologna

The project is part of the Bologna surrounding hills, which start from the base of the house. The intervention was designed to create within the surrounding landscaped a garden that slowly fades until it is transformed into cultivated fields, woods and ...

Garden project Ferrara

The intervention is part of the contemporary lines between new buildings and the Ferrara historic center tissue, at the historic city walls foot. The project revolves around the amphitheater concept, the garden enjoyment space (swimming pool, living area) ...

Commercial areas - Bologna

In this structure an attention to detail is applied not only to the inside exhibition spaces but also to the outside spaces, creating a picturesque setting to the products offered. The plants, soft tufts of grass interspersed with towering bamboo cuts, ...

Garden project - Monte Donato Bologna

The project area is settled down on the hills of Bologna and defined by a strong agricultural and naturalistic character: the furniture design and planting plan create a perfect blend with the surrounding landscape.

garden project - via San Mamolo Bologna

Garden settled down on hills, obtained by modeling's ground and characterized by deciduous trees with plenty of blossom, borders both of ornamental grasses and perennials. The living area, in synergy with the indoor furniture, represents the garden ...

Garden project - Sassuolo (MO)

Here the commitment is related to a distinctly modern lines building, refined with contemporary materials and large glass openings. Green planned for the garden is particularly simple and clean as accompaniment of the house style. For the perimeter hedge, ...


the garden is the result of profound dialogue between human activity and the manifestation of nature. harmony is the synthesis of these two aspects in space: the natural environment modelled...

historic gardens

the intervention in landscaped areas in which the voice of the place brings with it a dominant historical to preserve and enrich part of the research and developed in the project to reconcile modernit


spaces without threshold, external appendages in which the building is manifested, it is said. functional edges become green synthesis of a kind of window on the world, defining the...

green roof

nature, in its forms can open architecture to new suggestions on the usability of buildings. the evolution of technology thereby provides a means through which to inscribe the green into the...


the light is the tool by which we transform the world in visual sensation. yet the light is not tangible, but it allows you to communicate, to build the environment in which we live, to accentuate...

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