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organized and managed with managerial approach, marsiglilab relies on the collaboration of heterogeneous formation constant of professionals: architects, designers, engineers, agronomists, geologists, thus ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to the project. marsiglilab works in italy and abroad, managing the entire production process of the operation, from conception to implementation, to final delivery. the laboratory investigates innovative design solutions to the needs of contemporary life, operating at different scales between architecture, landscape, urbanism and design. target areas include parks, gardens, terraces, installations, exhibitions, green business, outdoor design, concept, showrooms and retail spaces.


gardens and terraces

gardens and terraces

designing gardens and terraces, gardens and terraces construction

the design of gardens and terraces, it can design the environment with natural elements. for the design of gardens and terraces it must be referred to a specialist in...


landscape design, design of parks

landscape design is measured by the complexity of the environment that surrounds us and aims to combine the aesthetic with the ecological and environmental sustainability in a strong...

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